About Project Chinatown

Born From The Pandemic

Project Chinatown was born at the start of the 2020 pandemic as a way to help the Oakland Chinatown businesses. Doors were shutting left and right and as natives of Oakland ourselves, it was a saddening sight to see. With some time on our hands, we wanted to help our community with the skills we have: technology.

A Digital Spotlight

Through Project Chinatown, we wanted to put our community into the digital spotlight. The issue we noted was that there was not much of a presence online for our communal businesses. And possibly because of this, the community was overshadowed by it’s more prominent sister, San Francisco Chinatown. When the pandemic rolled in, the Oakland Chinatown businesses, hoisted by local support, shuttered.

The Solution

With Project Chinatown, we aim to reintroduce Oakland Chinatown to the general public. Using SEO, unique content, current news happening in and around Chinatown, and community events, we hope to bring our Chinatown back into the fold of the broader economy.


Reach out to us at projchinatown@gmail.com

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